As Alişiroğlu Law Office, we provide legal counseling and attorney services with our staff experienced in Urban Transformation Law which is our special area of expertise. You can contact us for any legal dispute and problems regarding the urban transformation process. Our lawyers specializing in their respective areas provide all kinds of legal consultancy and attorney services to landowners, floor owners, apartment managers, investors, contractors and construction companies and provide the most accurate solutions and analyze the needs of the client as soon as possible.

Alişiroğlu Law Office knows well in theory and in practice the rights and liabilities of the Construction Companies and Land Owners in Urban Transformation projects and takes measures before the victimization of these two groups.   It is therefore important and necessary to seek assistance from a lawyer specializing in urban transformation, so that the possible loss of both sides and the grievances can be avoided. Within this scope, Alişiroğlu Law Office provides companies and individuals in Turkey especially in İstanbul with consultancy and attorney services related to urban transformation law. 


Within the scope of the Law on the Conversion of Areas Under Disaster Risk No. 6306, our office offers all kinds of legal services related to urban transformation law. The scope of our services includes the Construction Rights in return for Flat and Preliminary Contract for Sale and the Technical Specifications whereby the materials to be used at the construction are determined and the examination of such contracts prepared by the construction company. Our office is in charge of reviewing and revising contracts with its expert staff. 

Some of the services we provide in the field of Urban Transformation Law are as follows: 

  • Construction Rights in return for Flat and Preliminary Contract for Sale,
  • Controlling the respective power of attorney,
  • Giving specialist support to the property owners during the entire process from the determination of the risky structure to the demolition of the building and the relocation to the new building,
  • Following the legal process during the demolition and rebuilding process following the determination of risky buildings,
  • In accordance with the legislation, follow-up of operations and transactions related to property owners that do not consent to demolition and reconstruction,
  • Attendance to construction companies and apartment management meetings, showing the ways that the parties need to follow,
  • Follow-up the cancellation cases against the decisions taken at the property owners board meetings which are contrary to the legislation related to the urban transformation process, 
  • Informing the owners about the meetings held among the owners for legal process management
  • Preparation of required warning signs
  • Opening and monitoring of the necessary recourse lawsuit
  • Informing the owners about the meetings held among the owners for legal process management
  • In line with the negotiations; creation of the best business and contract model for you such as construction contracts for floors, revenue sharing construction contracts, establishment of joint companies or cooperatives,
  • Preparation of construction / investment legal and technical contracts that will form the base for negotiations with construction company and apartment management
  • Handling legal aid regarding transportation and rent allowance matters, 
  • Oral or written consultancy to the apartment management during construction
  • Providing legal assistance to the contractor to ensure compliance with the contract during construction and issuing a warning if necessary
  • Revision of the contract as a result of changes in zoning status. Preparing the contracts of the floor owners and the apartment management with other parties such as the CMB Valuation Company.