As Alişiroğlu Law Office, we, through our team specializing in real estate law, provide fast and solution-oriented services in order to carry out various transactions such as buying, selling, leasing real estate and real or personal rights, and conducting negotiations on these as well as providing counseling on property transfer and management issues for the property owners and investors all across Turkey, in particular İstanbul. There are many domestic and foreign investors and consultants in the client portfolio of Law Office’s Real Estate area.  

Some of the services we provide in the field of real estate law are as follows: 

  • Real Estate Claims (purparty etc.)
  • Land Registry Revocation and Registration Claims
  • Deed transactions
  • Real Estate Sales Contracts
  • Mortgage and Pledge Agreements
  • Flooring Contracts
  • Rental contracts
  • Individual or personal rights settlement agreements
  • Determination of the legal status and preparation of the report
  • Buy-and-sell contracts
  • Auditing the projects for compliance with relevant legislation or contracts
  • Domestic and international land ownership of domestic and foreign investors