Alişiroğlu Law Office was founded in Ataşehir, Istanbul in 2012 by Lawyer Sevinç Alişiroğlu and it dates back to the law office founded in 1982 by father of our founder, Lawyer Mustafa HOROZ. 

Alişiroğlu provides local and international legal and consulting services to all its domestic and foreign clients through its young and dynamic staff supported by the leading academicians of Turkey on any legal matters including the Contract Law, Real Estate Law, Commercial Law, Family Law and Criminal Law. 

The primary principle of our office is solutions based on consensus and it performs deep analysis for all the cases and events that can be solved through the agreement and presents the necessary effective solutions. 

Within this context, Alişiroğlu Law Office has cooperated with domestic and foreign companies, individuals, law firms and professional organizations around the world and concluded many agreements and resolved the relevant cases. Setting out on the principle that the fastest and most reliable legal counseling services do not solely mean the resolution of the conflicts but also it necessitates their prevention, Alişiroğlu Law Office has tried to reach a broad vision, foresight and speedy solutions instead of acting on a stereotyped approach in the resolution and analysis of the conflicts and being conscious of the necessity that the first and foremost principle of the relations established with the clients must be the confidentiality and diligent storage of all information relating to the occupational and private life, it informs its clients regarding all the stages of the juridical process.